Who We Are

In the beginning we were just like you guys. Ardent Fortnite players who were trying to always be the last men/woman standing. However, since we are far from rich people, it was very hard to ignore all the new stuff that was released on Fortnite that we didn’t have enough V-Bucks for. Sure, we got addicted to the game, and we started spending a lot of real money buying this and that and perfecting our game, until we realized that it was just too much. We were spending all of our money on Fortnite and new stuff just kept poping daily…. We had to change the way we are playing the game. Instead of paying huge amounts of cash to buy V-Bucks we decided to invest that money into hiring professional programmers and develop this amazing VBucks Generator for Fortnite. After a lot of testing, we finally reached the safe point to generate free V bucks daily and not have any issues with Fortnite. And, after generating tones of Vbucks for free for our accounts we decided to share this tool with you guys as well. We think everyone should have the right to play and enjoy Fortnite for free without spending any money. So, there you have it. Activate the generator and get free vbucks now!

Free Vbucks Generator